The New Year (for real)

The harsh reality: The Holidays are over and it is time to go back to work and deal with WINTER…

The cookies have been eaten, gifts have been given, visits have been completed and even the preliminary work for reopening the dojo is done. I’m looking at all the lovely decorations that will be put away soon (after the Epiphany). I’m going to miss them – Snowmen are so adorable, the lights are comforting and the scented candles are warm and inviting.

Christmas is not just a favorite holiday of mine it’s also a brief reality escape, being away from work and routine, surrounded by memories of Christmases long ago I always feel the presence of those who’ve passed more around this time. I also love giving and doing for others – Getting out of my own head and concerns.

Now during these final hours before the first Monday in January (the real New Year) I’m once again in the middle of anticipation and dread! Excited about seeing my students getting back into training but dreading the drudgery of January and February and the frozen rat race. I’m looking forward to catching up with my staff on what’s going on and working on our new goals but at the same time I’m going to miss the solitude of being home.

This is me in the middle of the road looking left then right occasionally behind but focusing forward starting at 5am tomorrow Monday, January 4th, looking forward to a productive, exciting year filled with laughs, love and I’m guessing a few tears…


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